Pressure Vessel

Air Receiver, Buffer Tank, Filter Vessel, Jacketed, Internal Coil, Vacuum/Pressure Agitators, BA Polished Stainless Steel, Special Grade SUS & more…

Heat Exchanger

Air Cooled, Calorifier U-Tube Bundle, Charged Air Cooler, Chilled Water Coil, Condenser/Evaporator Coil, Compressor Cooler, Fin Fan Cooler, Finned Tube, Industrial Radiator, Plate Heat Exchanger, Steam/Hot Water Heating Coil, Thermal Oil Heating Coil, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger – BEM, BEU, BKU, AEM, AEL, AES; and more…

Mechanical Works

Process Skid, Process & Utility Pipe Spool, Mechanical Installation and Allied Works, Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain, Process Design of Heat Exchanger for Customised Needs and more…

Heat Recovery System


Biodegradable Chemical (Descaling, Corrosion, Germs & Bacteria Eradication and other contamination application).

Heavy Duty Aqueous Degreaser

Water Soluble Aqueous Degreaser

Weld Cleaning & Marking Machines

Cougartron weld cleaning machines are designed with the focus on all key parameters that positively affect safety and productivity at the workplace.

ONLY for China & Taiwan

China Distributor:
Zhongxing Anda (Beijing) Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd.